Unmatched Technology

NHOS employs only the best technologies and tools to get the job done.  For example, our experience led us to invest in highly trained GIS people, state of the art GIS software and GPS equipment,  because projects of this scope require nothing less.  Our investments in technology enable us to engineer and generate the optimal design characteristics for each segment of the network, ensuring we undertake the project with a focus on efficiency, accuracy, and the delivery of a best-in-class platform for our clients broadband needs.  While oftentimes the concept is the same, each project demands specialized design and engineering, and the NNHN Middle Mile Fiber Project is no exception.  Given the breadth and scope of the proposed network, it will take nothing less than the design tools NHOS has acquired to create the quintessential solution.  Similarly, in the field we ensure our installation partner’s construction teams are equipped with the best tools and equipment to properly build this network. All of the project vehicles and equipment are late model, well maintained, and specific to the type of work involved.  Splicing crews are equipped with the latest technology, enabling them to complete low-loss splices quickly and efficiently, with the end product loss profile as close to perfect as possible.  Leveraging these advanced technologies enables NHOS to efficiently design and manage the fiber optic network construction . . . we do it every day.