New Hampshire Optical System’s Vision

The long-term vision for New Hampshire Optical Systems is to build this network that will in turn stimulate economic growth to the outlying areas of NH and provide access to high-speed bandwidth via fiber optic transport.  This can be accomplished in several different ways; the first step in this process will be to build a 750-mile network that will span the state of NH and traverse the countryside.  Once completed the fiber optic network will provide a myriad of services that commercial, enterprise and public sector entities can utilize at wholesale prices.  These services will range from Dark fiber transport, to lit DWDM transport, to Metro Ethernet services to the end user.  We will also look to partner with service providers to offer the full line of services that we know and use today.   Some of these last mile services would be voice, video, data, web hosting, cloud services and many more that are offered today in the open technology marketplace.